Artist Joe Rizzo joins Handworks Gallery!

Joe Rizzo from Brooksville, Maine has been creating art for many years and we are thrilled to welcome him to Handworks Gallery this summer. His artworks range from very detailed paintings to wood and bronze sculpture to handcrafted jewelry -- more specifically, these gorgeous one-of-a-kind dragonfly pendants made of Sterling & Fine Silver.

Each dragonfly pendant is handcrafted and original in every way. Given the choice of using many techniques, these pendants were hand forged starting with raw silver grains called shot, melted in a crucible and hammered on an anvil, the hot metal is sculpted into shape. The wings are created from raw material hammered and rolled into stock, cut, tempered, annealed, textured and shaped. At that time, bezels are created for the gemstone facets and the soldering, carving and polishing begin. These pieces are not cast, not lost wax and not production pieces.

"If an artist is not original then they have already failed". - Joe Rizzo

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