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Rocky Mann has been with Handworks Gallery since at least 1999 – it may have been longer.  A favorite of our long term & new customers, his work uses colors and themes that capture the essence of Maine’s beauty.
His platters, trays, plates and tiles are ideal for remembering Maine and are appreciated serving and display pieces.
From Rocky…


Acadia National Park is renowned for it’s clear night skies. This series is my tribute to the beauty of Acadia’s starry nights. Each piece has seven different glaze applications, resulting in the Van Gogh-like  effect you see here. All the pieces in the Starry Night series are high-fired porcelain, making them microwave and oven-proof, as well as dishwasher-safe.”

Just past my house in Acadia National Park there is a stand of birch trees. Every time I pass it I’m inspired by these elegant white and black trees. In each season they display their beauty in a different way. This series is a tribute to the majestic Birch.”

For more information about available work by Rocky Mann and other artists, please call 207-374-5613 or email us at: handworksgallery@outlook.com